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What is a Keyword and Why is it important?

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword or Keyphrase is a term used in Digital Marketing to describe a group of words an internet user uses to search for an item or for information. This term best describes information found on your page. Keywords should be created and carefully selected before launching contents online. Let’s say you’ve got an Electronics shop and you would like to sell Mobile Phones online, you’ve already created a product page about Mobile Phones. You need to ask yourself about:

  • How would users on the internet find out about my Electronics Store online?
  • What could they be probably be searching for?
  • Which kind of search Query would they be using?

After doing that, you would probably be thinking about some Hot-selling Mobile phones like Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and many others. so basically we use the word keyword all the time, this doesn’t necessarily mean it consists of only one word , but most atimes it consists of a series or combination of more words.

Types of Keywords:

1) Short-Tail Keyword:

As the name suggests, they are short and are usually made up of three words or less. Short-tail keywords usually have a lot of traffic and the Keyword competition from other websites is high. For our Electronics shop, our Short-tail Keywords would be:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Xiaomi Note9
  • iPhone11 near me
  • Cost for iphone11

and many others.

2) Long-tail Keywords:

They usually consist of three of more Keywords and are usually more specific than Short-term Keywords. Usually, someone searching with a longterm keyword knows what he/she wants. They usually have low search volumes and are less competitive than Short-tail keywords. With regards to our Electronics we can have the following long-tail keywords:

  • How much can I buy an iPhone 11 pro Max in Dubai?
  • How much does it costs for me to get an iPhone 12 in UAE?
  • The best price for Samsung Galaxy Note 11.

3) Short-Term fresh keyword:

These are Short-term keywords of items that are currently hot in the market, these keywords are of items that users want, for example, the soon to be released iPhone 12. Usually, Marketers use this technique as click-baits to attract users to their sites. After the trends, traffic fall after the product release.

4) Product Defining Keyword:

These are keywords that describe your product. Searchers usually searching with this keyword have the intent of buying. An example of a Product defining keyword is:

  • Xiaomi Note 7 for Sale
  • Where can I buy iPhone 11?

5) Geo-tagging Keywords:

You can target a city, neighborhood, or country using Geo-tagging keywords. Geo-tagging keywords are usually very important for local businesses that want to establish their local SEO. An Example for a Keyword would be:

  • iPhone 11 for sale near me
  • Samsung S10 for sale in Bur Dubai
  • Huawei P30 for sale in Abu Dhabi


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