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The importance of Color Psychology

The importance of Color Psychology

Color Psychology is very important for Humans. Our brains process color faster than any other information. Warm colors can evoke more emotions than cooler colors. Colors have a direct impact on our behavoiurs online. In this blog post we would handle the following aspects:

  • Colors and Emotions
  • How color psychology affects a buyer’s emotions
  • How to better attract online customers with great colors.

a) Colors and Emotions:

The Human Eye and brain transmit light into color. When light enters our eyes, the Light receptors within our eyes transmit this light into messages to our brain via motor Neurons. When light is incident on an object, it’s either absorbed, reflected or refracted, we perceive only the reflected colors,


Human Eye with colors
How the Human eye perceives color

Warm colors evoke the feeling of happiness, Energy, Youth, and optimism. An example of such warm colors includes Red, Yellow, Orange. A great example where the color Red is used is on the Branding of Coca Cola.

However even though these colors are Warm colors they could be sometimes be used to convey effects and Dangerous information. 

Cool colors are calming and soothing and can be used to express sadness. However purple can be used in the Neon Effect. Purple is often used to spark creativity.

b) How Color affects a Buyer’s Emotion:

Color is the primary way we recognize brands. Color perception varies from one region to another depending on cultures and traditions, for example in Western cultures Black signifies Mourning, whereas, in  Asian communities, it’s the color white. Here are some common uses of colors in E-commerce stores:


It’s great for Call to Action, Subscription buttons. This color makes users feel confident.


It’s used to showcase warmth, youthfulness, and charisma. Great brands that make use of such colors include Ikea, Mc Donalds,  DHL, Lays.


Red attracts attention, use it when you want to draw attention from customers. That’s why it’s great to use Red when you want to highlight Danger. A great example of a Brand that uses Red is Coca Cola.

Amazing how color affects our emotions


Pink it’s all about softness and serenity, it’s highly used when we want to raise a feminine appeal. 


We use black when we want to convey a powerful and bold message. It can also be a Luxury color when mixed with gold or yellow.


Blue is used to generate feelings of trust and security for buyers. Use this color wisely.


How to use colors wisely in E-Commerce

c) How to better attract online customers with great colors:

Certain colors attract certain types of customers, so it’s usually advisable to know the type of color to use on each occasion. There are four great colors and customers fall into the various segments.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green

Red Customers:

The Red types of customers want to see professionalism, they are visitors who seek prestige and are usually in a haste to get things done. They want to see confidence and boldness. Red should be used for Impulse buyers such as in Shopping Malls, Fast Food outlets, and also for Clearance sale.

Yellow Customers:

Yellow wants to see caring and nurturing, they want to see humility, love, caring. Yellow should be used when you want to do a promotion for a product, or Service.

Blue Customers:

Blue types want to see fun and lightness. They are the visitors that seek entertainment and movement. They want to see color, fun, entertainment; they like ‘travel’ in all senses of the word. They won’t tolerate boring text-heavy and serious information that they simply won’t read. Blue should be used to convey trust.

Green Customers:

Green types want to see detail as they are thorough. They are the visitors that always want something to read, download or watch which supports which gives them confirmation and confidence in their choices. They won’t be easily attracted to any product with simple a picture and a buy button; they don’t make quick decisions. Green better attracts Banks, Larger departmental stores.

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