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How to Increase Your Sales Today (GMB)

How to Increase Business Sales

Everyone wants to make Sales for their business. There are a number of ways in achieving this. For the Blog post today  we would be learning of one such ways by which you can keep on having Sales for your Business.

Google my Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that lets you list your Business on Google for Free. Without a GMB listing, you would be missing out on some crucial sales and Leads for your Business. SEO enthusiasts and business owners leverage the use of GMB to boost both their Localized SEO and also their location-based strategies.

GMB helps businesses have more exposure online, by boosting their chances of being noticed online by customers.

Direct vs Discovery Searches for Businesses using GMB

Advantages of using GMB for your Business:

1) GMB is Free: 

It’s completely free for all Business Owners. You just have to fill the online Questionnaire on the GMB page. Google sends you your Verification code and the rest is history. 

2) Increases Brand Exposure: 

When done correctly, GMB greatly exposes your business. Okay let’s say a user searches for the term, “Startup Consultants in Dubai”, you’ll get a curated list of information such as:

  • Company Name
  • Business Hours
  • Company Working Hours
  • Contact Number and many more.


Importance of Google My Business

Google uses verified information from GMB in order to complete your online profile from searches. After your profile is completed you can then be searched from Google Maps.

3) Gives a Prospect the first view of your Business:

GMB gives consumers the first impression of your business from search images found online. This goes a long way in making your Business more Tech Savvy.

4) Boosts your Business’s Online Portfolio:

GMB if done correctly with your SEO campaigns would go a long way in boosting your Company’s online portfolio. Not only would you have visitors from Searches online, you would also be displayed on Maps.

5) Get in touch with Worries from Clients:

GMB has the option for reviews, this gives you access to client worries if in case you have a large organization and you may want to know what clients think.


GMB is a powerful free online tool for Businesses all  Business owner should hae in their Arsenal, but not all of them make use of this great tool. If in case you need help setting and maintaining your Google My Business Account, Contact Us.