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In this blog post, we would be discussing on the difference between Search Engine Optimization and PPC.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of including and optimizing the content on your website in order for it to be visible on Google Search and other Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Google Search Results for the Keyword Digital Services in Dubai

There are a host of other factors to look for when doing the SEO for your business, but it’s always advisable to consult an SEO Expert if you aren’t one.

With more than 200 Ranking Factors, it takes a smart Digital Marketer to figure out the current and best trends for your SEO campaign. But some commonly used factors by the Google Ranking Algorithm includes:

  • Bounce Rates
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • UI/UX

Advantages of SEO:

  • A cost-Effective way to improve on your site’s visibility.
  • Avery good long-term strategy for your business, as your rankings would be visible 24/7, unlike PPC which is usually for the Short-term.
  • If done correctly and in the perfect Niche, SEO means stability for the long-run.

Disadvantages of SEO:

  • SEO takes time especially for a new Domain, it can take months or even years before you start seeing results.
  • To achieve SEO in a highly competitive market you need a lot of investments into your Marketing Team.
  • SEO is time-consuming and needs a lot of attention, Google makes more than 100 changes to its algorithm each year.
  • A simple Mistake or bad practice can get you penalized by Google.

What is PPC?

Google Ads or Pay Per Click (PPC) which allows business owners to bid for top place at the Google ads section of a search Term on Google Search. Let’s take a look at the example below.

Google Ads or PPC

Google Ads also gives the option for users to advertise outside of Google Search by showing your ads on Google’s Display Network and its affiliates. Contrary to popular beliefs Google Ads has no effects on your SEO rankings, as these two are mutually exclusive from one another. But it should be noted that Google Ads come in handy with tools you can use readily for data Gathering for your SEO campaigns, like The Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner for PPC

Advantages of PPC:

  • Ideal for new Startups and Businesses who want to penetrate into the Market.
  • Usually good for the short-term.

Disadvantages of PPC:

  • Traffic from Adwords isn’t free.
  • the cost per click or PPC is determined by how hot that particular keyword is in that particular region. It can easily fluctuate from time to time.
  • Once your Ad stops, your traffic stops.

Which one is best for your Business?

The answer is “It Depends”, on factors such as:

  • The Niche you are trying to target
  • Your Budget¬†
  • Your Marketing Plan

If you want a Professional Digital Marketing Plan, SEO, and Google Ads, Feel Free to Contact Us.


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