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How to Protect Your Social Media Profiles

How to Protect Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media usage is one fo the big pillars of online activities, some 3.6 Billion people used Social Media in 2020, with the figure expected to increase to 4. Billion come 2025. As a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown, there has been a spike in Cyber Security Threats on Social Media Accounts. This post is going to show you how to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked:

a) Setting a Powerful Password:

A secured is your primary security Gateway for your Facebook profile. Most of us ignore the importance of setting complex passwords in order to safeguard our Facebook profiles. A Hacker can guess your password from your Name, Email, and Phone Number combination. Use the following tips to Generate a Strong Password:

  • Your password should consist of 8-20 Characters
  • Include symbols in the password (such as @#$%)
  • Include a mixture of Lowercase and UpperCase characters
  • Include ambiguous characters (such as {/”‘}_<>;:+)
  • Password shouldn’t be easy to guess
  • Exclude any information related to you such as your Spouse’s name, your age, location, the City you were born, your phone number.

Following the Guidelines above, it’s high time you change your password, to do that on Facebook you need to the following:

  • Click the Bottom Arrow at the Top of Your Facebook profile
  • Go to Settings & Privacy



  • Click on Settings
  • Click Security and Login


Security and Login
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter your Current Facebook Password
  • Enter the Strong Password you created and confirm the Password
Setting New Password
  • Save Changes

b) Avoid clicking on doubtful Third-Party Apps:

Most Apps today have the Social Media login option, where the apps ask you to login with your Social Media profile. This gives third-party services access to your public information such as profile linked-email addresses, profile names, and pictures

As a security measure you do the following:

  • Create separate Facebook accounts for Corporate and no-casual usage. Reasons being that it’s not good to link your corporate account to unknown apps. 
  • Remove all suspicious linked third-party apps currently linked to your account.

c) How to stay clear of Spammers and Strolls:

One big problem businesses can have on their Facebook posts is the issue of trolls and spammers posting negative comments that can potentially harm your business’ online. You can limit this activity by doing the following:

  • Go to your Profile Settings
  • Click on Public Posts
Public Posts
  • Click Edit on Public Post Comments

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