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Everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing

Everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media to connect with your audience or customers. This includes posting great content on your social media channels, listening to your followers, answering their questions or worries, and also spending some time with them. Some giant Platforms for Social Media Marketing includes: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok


Social Media isn’t only about publishing company-related content on your Social Media profiles, but all about listening to the voices of your clients. The contents posted on your various Social Media platforms should be tailored according to that platform. Before we continue let’s Segment the various Social Media Platforms available today.

Social Media Segmentation:


  • Users: Over 2.5 Billion monthly  users as of the second Quarter of 2020
  • Audience: Generation X and Millenials
  • Industry: B2B, B2C
  • Best for: Brand Awareness and Advertisement


  • Users: 1 Billion Monthly users
  • Audience: Primarily Millenials 
  • Industry: B2C
  • Best for: User-generated contents, natural-looking contents


  • Users: About 330 Million Monthly  and 145 Daily users 
  • Audience: Millenials
  • Industry: B2C, B2B
  • Best for: Public Relation, Customer Service Interaction

Tik Tok:

  • Users: 100 Million Per month
  • Audience: Millenials and Generation Z
  • Industry: B2C
  • Best For: Brand Awareness


Advantages of Social Media Marketing:


1) Increase Brand Awareness:

With over 2 billion persons accessing Social Media Monthly on Social Media, there’s a great chance for your business to be noticed by potential clients. 

Social Media has been known to boost brand awarements by encouraging engagements.

2) Closer Engagement with Customers:

With social Media it is easy for Clients to voice out their complains to companies. Before some large organizations found it difficult to know what their client base had in mind, but now it is easy for them to monitor Social Media mentions of their brands.

3) Tell your Brand Story:

Using Social Media is a great way to share your Brand’s mission and shares stories. If done perfectly, it can have enormous positive effects to your brand.

4) Be up to Speed with Competition:

Social Media makes it easy for you to know and guess what your competitors are doing. Take for example, Xbox and Ps5 were both waiting for each other to release details of their Next Generation consoles. When Xbox released the price for X Box Series S, Sony quickly released the price for Ps5 few days after.

5) Increase Website Visits:

Social Media can assist in sending customers directly to your website. But you should be careful how often you do post a particular on Social Media, it may turn off the customers. It is highly advisable to follow a Social Media Posting Calendar.

Final Thoughts:


If you need a Content Calendar or Social Media Posting Calendar, feel free to Contact Us.

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