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How to Carry out an SEO Audit

SEO Audit

You need to know what to do in order for your website to start ranking on search Engines. As a novice or even a professional, you might not know where to start. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of making your website ranking on Top pages of Search Engines like Google or Yahoo or even Bing.

So after getting to know about SEO you might be wondering where do I begin. the first thing you should do for any website you want to do the SEO campaign is to do an SEO Audit for that website. An SEO Audit sees how well your website ranks, what are some of the things that needs to be done. These Audits usually gives you a clue about how to go about these issues.

An SEO audit makes you see issues that may prevent your website from ranking higher on Search Engines. These Search Engines for example Google, keep on evolving all the time. 

Some of the Ranking Factors used by Google

As Search Engine bots [Google, Yahoo] keep scanning your website, it looks for these parameters on your site then it compares it with some of the above-listed Algorithms. If your site does better for that Keyword and it’s SEO metric is okay, you have a higher chance of ranking higher.

There are numerous tools that you can use for an SEO Audit, some are free why others are Paid. in this post we would be using Ahref.

Steps needed for an SEO Audit:

1) Go to Site:

Use the link posted above to create a free account on Ahref. After doing that go to the Dashboard. Click on New Project.

Creating a New Project on Ahref

2) Add your Project:

After clicking on Add project, you then need either to import your settings from Google Console or you can manually add it by doing Domain verification.

Adding a project to your Ahref Account

After that click on import from GSC. Then choose the Google account you want to import the GSC settings then you continue. After that wait for the Ahref bots to finish crawling your website.

Group of websites belonging to project after Crawling by Ahref
Project Health

3) Analysis of Report:

After the Ahref bots must have finished crawling your website, it’s time for you to analyze the report and also make amendments to it.

Overview of SEO Audit Report.

Some common Errors include:

  • Broken Internal Links
  • 404 pages submitted to your sitemap
  • Missing image alt tags
  • Toxic links
  • Duplicate page contents
  • Orphan pages
  • And many more

I order for your website to have a successful SEO campaign it’s good you Audit your website atleast once every after 6 months. For all your SEO and Digital Marketing Feel free to Contact Us

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Importance of Quality Contents for SEO

Importance of Quality Content for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has been the buzz word all over the Digital Marketing sphere. There’s a great interrelationship between SEO and Content Marketing. Content according to a vivid researcher, is simply information (Tactical, Punctual, Fictional) which when relayed correctly tells a story. 

If we take a look of Google’s mission as stated by Larry Page, we can grasp a little on the importance of Quality Contents.


The importance of Quality Content as stated by Larry Page

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing as to how to better deliver these contents to suit the results we get from the Google Search Engine. The pieces of results (SERP), that Google displays whenever you search are all pieces of well-optimized content on the websites of different companies. These contents are ranked in order of usefulness and relevancy.


Some Key Benefits of Contents in Relevance to SEO

a) Quality Contents Generate more Traffic:

Google considers your website’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR) as an important factor in the ranking of your website. The more users click on your website links, the more Google sees your Content as being important.

b) A Great Content gets you more Backlinks and Referrals:

Imagine writing explicitly on a topic, no one has written before. This content would help you generate backlinks and referrals from some great sites. This would not only boost your website’s ranking, but it would also show how credible your website is online.

c) Insert Keywords:

Great content would allow you to strategically insert your Keywords. These Keywords would help your business rank at the top of Google.


Why you Should Invest in Quality Content Writers.


Reasons you should Invest in Great Quality Content Writers

It should be noted that there’s no SEO wouldn’t a Quality content. Hiring a Professional Content Writer for your Business is the most important aspect for any company. If you need Professional SEO Services, Digital Marketing, Website Design Services, Mobile Application Development, Feel Free to Contact Us.