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Why Businesses need to need to approach Social Media Aggressively in 2021

Social Media Awareness in 2021

Social Media is vital for all businesses in this Digital Age. Not all businesses use Social Media. In fact, less than 50% of small businesses use Social Media for their business. Whether you run a small shop, a Big National, or even an International Conglomerate, your company needs an active Social Media presence.

Social Media helps you connect directly with your customers, and this is very vital for businesses. Social Media can boost sales and leads for your business. 


Social Media Users in the World

You can showcase your product on Social Media without knowing intimidating Buzzwords. Customers are generally very comfortable when they know the ins and outs of a business. That’s why Elon Musk has built a personality cult amongst his followers. He tweets regularly and keeps his followers informed about what’s going on in a company and the way forward.

It may be difficult to keep track of Business ratings that’s why we have Clutch. Clutch is a B2B rating platform where you can find top Agencies and Businesses around the world.

Benefits of using Social Media for your Business:

  • It creates a Brand Awareness of your Business.
  • It Generates Conversations around your Brand
  • Your customers can benefit from exceptional customer service if done properly
  • It helps builds amazing customer loyalty
  • It creates direct referral traffic for your blog or website
  • It can boost your SEO ranking by increasing your Alexa Global Rank
  • You can establish your brand locally using Social Media.
  • You can Retarget your Audience using an effective Social Media campaign.
  • Easily promote your product or services using Social Media Ads.
  • An important aspect of social media is Hastags, you can use trending Hastags to push forward your product or service.
  • You can easily keep your customers up to date on Social Media, it’s even better because most clients don’t read their emails but they are always up to date with the various handles they follow.


If you want Professional Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, or even Social Media Management feel free to contact us.

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The importance of Color Psychology

The importance of Color Psychology

Color Psychology is very important for Humans. Our brains process color faster than any other information. Warm colors can evoke more emotions than cooler colors. Colors have a direct impact on our behavoiurs online. In this blog post we would handle the following aspects:

  • Colors and Emotions
  • How color psychology affects a buyer’s emotions
  • How to better attract online customers with great colors.

a) Colors and Emotions:

The Human Eye and brain transmit light into color. When light enters our eyes, the Light receptors within our eyes transmit this light into messages to our brain via motor Neurons. When light is incident on an object, it’s either absorbed, reflected or refracted, we perceive only the reflected colors,


Human Eye with colors
How the Human eye perceives color

Warm colors evoke the feeling of happiness, Energy, Youth, and optimism. An example of such warm colors includes Red, Yellow, Orange. A great example where the color Red is used is on the Branding of Coca Cola.

However even though these colors are Warm colors they could be sometimes be used to convey effects and Dangerous information. 

Cool colors are calming and soothing and can be used to express sadness. However purple can be used in the Neon Effect. Purple is often used to spark creativity.

b) How Color affects a Buyer’s Emotion:

Color is the primary way we recognize brands. Color perception varies from one region to another depending on cultures and traditions, for example in Western cultures Black signifies Mourning, whereas, in  Asian communities, it’s the color white. Here are some common uses of colors in E-commerce stores:


It’s great for Call to Action, Subscription buttons. This color makes users feel confident.


It’s used to showcase warmth, youthfulness, and charisma. Great brands that make use of such colors include Ikea, Mc Donalds,  DHL, Lays.


Red attracts attention, use it when you want to draw attention from customers. That’s why it’s great to use Red when you want to highlight Danger. A great example of a Brand that uses Red is Coca Cola.

Amazing how color affects our emotions


Pink it’s all about softness and serenity, it’s highly used when we want to raise a feminine appeal. 


We use black when we want to convey a powerful and bold message. It can also be a Luxury color when mixed with gold or yellow.


Blue is used to generate feelings of trust and security for buyers. Use this color wisely.


How to use colors wisely in E-Commerce

c) How to better attract online customers with great colors:

Certain colors attract certain types of customers, so it’s usually advisable to know the type of color to use on each occasion. There are four great colors and customers fall into the various segments.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green

Red Customers:

The Red types of customers want to see professionalism, they are visitors who seek prestige and are usually in a haste to get things done. They want to see confidence and boldness. Red should be used for Impulse buyers such as in Shopping Malls, Fast Food outlets, and also for Clearance sale.

Yellow Customers:

Yellow wants to see caring and nurturing, they want to see humility, love, caring. Yellow should be used when you want to do a promotion for a product, or Service.

Blue Customers:

Blue types want to see fun and lightness. They are the visitors that seek entertainment and movement. They want to see color, fun, entertainment; they like ‘travel’ in all senses of the word. They won’t tolerate boring text-heavy and serious information that they simply won’t read. Blue should be used to convey trust.

Green Customers:

Green types want to see detail as they are thorough. They are the visitors that always want something to read, download or watch which supports which gives them confirmation and confidence in their choices. They won’t be easily attracted to any product with simple a picture and a buy button; they don’t make quick decisions. Green better attracts Banks, Larger departmental stores.

For Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Branding Feel Free to Contact Us.

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How to Build a Great website in 2021

How to build a great website in 2021

We all know having a website is very important for every person, company, or Brand. In this post I would tech you how to build a great Responsive website in 2021. 

However, you’ll need to follow some rules, Guidelines, and Trends. We would handle some of them in this post. 


Steps to build your website in 2021.

  • Get a domain name
  • Get a website Hosting
  • Install the Required tools


a) Getting a Domain Name:

In order for your website to get online, you’ll need a domain name. A domain name is a human-readable form of an IP address. Ip addresses is logical addresses computer networks use to communicate with one another. There are a handful number of Domain name registrars such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Namecheap, and many more.

b) Getting a Website Hosting:

A website host is where your website files sit on your server. These files are what tell the website server the commands to follow. There are a number of web hosting providers available such as Namecheap, Hostinger, bluehost and many others.

c) Install the Required tools:

As mentioned in the other sections, certain tools are needed in order to make your website run smoothly. You need to have access to Php and mySql running on the Server.

On this post, go through a step by step process in the Control Panel. On the Control Panel you need to select the Softaculous Apps Installer for a Quick install of your website.

Softaculous Installations

After that you need to install WordPress for your website.

Wordpress Search and Install

After searching and getting WordPress , you then need to select the domain name for which you want to install, thereafter you click on “Quick install”

Wordpress Admin Dashboard

After the Installation, you can now manipulate and change the layout and look and feel of your website. Don’t forget to follow our Guidelines of the 15 Best web design practices for more info.  If you need help in Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Development, don’t forget to Contact Us.

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How to Protect Your Social Media Profiles

How to Protect Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media usage is one fo the big pillars of online activities, some 3.6 Billion people used Social Media in 2020, with the figure expected to increase to 4. Billion come 2025. As a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown, there has been a spike in Cyber Security Threats on Social Media Accounts. This post is going to show you how to protect your Facebook Account from Hackers.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked:

a) Setting a Powerful Password:

A secured is your primary security Gateway for your Facebook profile. Most of us ignore the importance of setting complex passwords in order to safeguard our Facebook profiles. A Hacker can guess your password from your Name, Email, and Phone Number combination. Use the following tips to Generate a Strong Password:

  • Your password should consist of 8-20 Characters
  • Include symbols in the password (such as @#$%)
  • Include a mixture of Lowercase and UpperCase characters
  • Include ambiguous characters (such as {/”‘}_<>;:+)
  • Password shouldn’t be easy to guess
  • Exclude any information related to you such as your Spouse’s name, your age, location, the City you were born, your phone number.

Following the Guidelines above, it’s high time you change your password, to do that on Facebook you need to the following:

  • Click the Bottom Arrow at the Top of Your Facebook profile
  • Go to Settings & Privacy



  • Click on Settings
  • Click Security and Login


Security and Login
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter your Current Facebook Password
  • Enter the Strong Password you created and confirm the Password
Setting New Password
  • Save Changes

b) Avoid clicking on doubtful Third-Party Apps:

Most Apps today have the Social Media login option, where the apps ask you to login with your Social Media profile. This gives third-party services access to your public information such as profile linked-email addresses, profile names, and pictures

As a security measure you do the following:

  • Create separate Facebook accounts for Corporate and no-casual usage. Reasons being that it’s not good to link your corporate account to unknown apps. 
  • Remove all suspicious linked third-party apps currently linked to your account.

c) How to stay clear of Spammers and Strolls:

One big problem businesses can have on their Facebook posts is the issue of trolls and spammers posting negative comments that can potentially harm your business’ online. You can limit this activity by doing the following:

  • Go to your Profile Settings
  • Click on Public Posts
Public Posts
  • Click Edit on Public Post Comments

    If you want Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Ads feel free to contact Us.

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    Why you should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

    Why you should Hire a Digital Agency

    Being an Entrepreneur isn’t always easy, you have to look for means to have customers to keep your business afloat. Some businesses still rely on traditional media options such as printing posters and handing out leaflets to potential customers. This form of Marketing is way old and it’s not sustainable. The world is rapidly changing, the techniques we use to use 10 years ago are irrelevant today.

    Outsourcing to a Digital Agency can help solve all your worries. You’ll benefit from their experience, and perspective of a collection of Experienced Digital Professionals who can readily aid you.

    Benefits of using a Digital Marketing Agency:

    1) Save Cost and manage your Budget:

    Building an in-house team to handle your Digital Marketing for you is not a bed of roses. You would need to do the interviews, Employ qualified staff which is not always the case, and also you would need to be sure if they are qualified well enough to handle all these tasks. Handling all these costs a lot of money. It’s better you outsource to another Digital Agency to handle all the workload for you. Companies usually don’t run campaigns throughout the year, there are peak periods such as the Christmas period where demand for Digital Marketing services is high. After this period, you can end your subscription to these Digital Agencies. It’s needless keeping workers after this peak period when you don’t make enough sales.

    2) Gain more Experience from people:

    Your company might be limited in its scope of reasoning, There are numerous techniques you can learn from working with Digital Agencies, Digital Agencies have worked previously with many other clients, and they must have amassed enough experience from working with numerous other clients in the past. as they say, Experience is the Best Teacher.

    3) Expand your Business:

    With the right mix of Experience and Determination, you can push your business to higher heights. A Digital Agency can easily respond to the changing needs of your business and are more suited to these changes than your in-house team.

    If you want an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency to handling your Digital Campaigns, feel free to contact us.

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    What is Version Control?

    What is Version Control

    Imagine 100 people working on a single project and each of them need to submit their code once or twice a day for 3 months, keeping track of it would be chaotic right? Yeah for sure, that’s there’s a walk around that, called Version Control.

    Version Control is a system that keeps track of changes to a file or group of files over a period of time. There are some popular version control systems out there such as Git, Bitbucket, Github.

    Some Common Terminologies:

    1) Working Copy:

    Sometimes called Checkout, is your personal copy of all the files in your project. You make copies of all your changes to that copy only you can edit.

    2) Repository:

    A database that stores all your changes, edits of your project. There are times when some the repository may have some changes that are not found in the working copy.

    3) Commit:

    When a user saves his instance of his working copy into his repository.

    3) Push:

    When a user submits his version of his local repository unto the main Central Repository.

    4) Pull:

    When a user gets all the saved version of the central repository unto his/her own repository.

    5) Branch:

    A Separate file/folder meant for private use or even research.

    6) Merge:

    Applying changes from one file/folder to another. users usually merge features from one branch to another.


    Different Types of Version Control Systems:

    1) Centralized Version Control:

    Each user gets his own working copy, but there is one Central Repository. Example Subversion, Perforce.

    Centralized Version Control

    Figure Showing A Centralized Version Control Credits:

    2) Decentralized or Distributed Version Control:

    Here there are many copies of the repository available. Here the working copies are mirrored from the main Server, clients don’t have to check often as is in the case of a Centralized Version. So if the server goes down, each user has the same backup code as-is on the Server. Each user gets his/her own of the repository and a working copy, when you commit changes aren’t reflected on the main repository. Others can’t view what you did until you push your changes to the central repository.

    Examples of Distributed Version Control systems include Git, Bitbucket.

    Distributed Version Control System

    Figure Showing A Decentralized Version Control Credits:

    Some issues that may arise using Version Control Systems:

    • Two users may simultaneously push to the same line of code in the central repository at the same time. This is issue falls under conflicts.

    Some best practices:

    • Always label your commits with descriptive messages, this saves time and efforts from other members of the team to keep track of what’s happening.
    • Avoid indiscriminate commits, don’t just do a batch commit of all the files in your workcopy.
    • Coordinate with other coworkers, keep them updated on all the latest changes and happenings in your code.
    • In a distributed Version Control system always do the following:
      • Make a git pull request
      • commit changes to your repository and make sure everything works correctly.
      • git pull again
      • Then push to  Local Central Repository

    If you need professional help in Web Development, Digital Marketing and IT Consultancy, feel free to Contact Us.

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    How to Carry out an SEO Audit

    SEO Audit

    You need to know what to do in order for your website to start ranking on search Engines. As a novice or even a professional, you might not know where to start. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of making your website ranking on Top pages of Search Engines like Google or Yahoo or even Bing.

    So after getting to know about SEO you might be wondering where do I begin. the first thing you should do for any website you want to do the SEO campaign is to do an SEO Audit for that website. An SEO Audit sees how well your website ranks, what are some of the things that needs to be done. These Audits usually gives you a clue about how to go about these issues.

    An SEO audit makes you see issues that may prevent your website from ranking higher on Search Engines. These Search Engines for example Google, keep on evolving all the time. 

    Some of the Ranking Factors used by Google

    As Search Engine bots [Google, Yahoo] keep scanning your website, it looks for these parameters on your site then it compares it with some of the above-listed Algorithms. If your site does better for that Keyword and it’s SEO metric is okay, you have a higher chance of ranking higher.

    There are numerous tools that you can use for an SEO Audit, some are free why others are Paid. in this post we would be using Ahref.

    Steps needed for an SEO Audit:

    1) Go to Site:

    Use the link posted above to create a free account on Ahref. After doing that go to the Dashboard. Click on New Project.

    Creating a New Project on Ahref

    2) Add your Project:

    After clicking on Add project, you then need either to import your settings from Google Console or you can manually add it by doing Domain verification.

    Adding a project to your Ahref Account

    After that click on import from GSC. Then choose the Google account you want to import the GSC settings then you continue. After that wait for the Ahref bots to finish crawling your website.

    Group of websites belonging to project after Crawling by Ahref
    Project Health

    3) Analysis of Report:

    After the Ahref bots must have finished crawling your website, it’s time for you to analyze the report and also make amendments to it.

    Overview of SEO Audit Report.

    Some common Errors include:

    • Broken Internal Links
    • 404 pages submitted to your sitemap
    • Missing image alt tags
    • Toxic links
    • Duplicate page contents
    • Orphan pages
    • And many more

    I order for your website to have a successful SEO campaign it’s good you Audit your website atleast once every after 6 months. For all your SEO and Digital Marketing Feel free to Contact Us

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    How to Increase Your Sales Today (GMB)

    How to Increase Business Sales

    Everyone wants to make Sales for their business. There are a number of ways in achieving this. For the Blog post today  we would be learning of one such ways by which you can keep on having Sales for your Business.

    Google my Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that lets you list your Business on Google for Free. Without a GMB listing, you would be missing out on some crucial sales and Leads for your Business. SEO enthusiasts and business owners leverage the use of GMB to boost both their Localized SEO and also their location-based strategies.

    GMB helps businesses have more exposure online, by boosting their chances of being noticed online by customers.

    Direct vs Discovery Searches for Businesses using GMB

    Advantages of using GMB for your Business:

    1) GMB is Free: 

    It’s completely free for all Business Owners. You just have to fill the online Questionnaire on the GMB page. Google sends you your Verification code and the rest is history. 

    2) Increases Brand Exposure: 

    When done correctly, GMB greatly exposes your business. Okay let’s say a user searches for the term, “Startup Consultants in Dubai”, you’ll get a curated list of information such as:

    • Company Name
    • Business Hours
    • Company Working Hours
    • Contact Number and many more.


    Importance of Google My Business

    Google uses verified information from GMB in order to complete your online profile from searches. After your profile is completed you can then be searched from Google Maps.

    3) Gives a Prospect the first view of your Business:

    GMB gives consumers the first impression of your business from search images found online. This goes a long way in making your Business more Tech Savvy.

    4) Boosts your Business’s Online Portfolio:

    GMB if done correctly with your SEO campaigns would go a long way in boosting your Company’s online portfolio. Not only would you have visitors from Searches online, you would also be displayed on Maps.

    5) Get in touch with Worries from Clients:

    GMB has the option for reviews, this gives you access to client worries if in case you have a large organization and you may want to know what clients think.


    GMB is a powerful free online tool for Businesses all  Business owner should hae in their Arsenal, but not all of them make use of this great tool. If in case you need help setting and maintaining your Google My Business Account, Contact Us.

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    IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS, What’s the Difference?

    IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

    IaaS, PaaS, SaaS are all terminologies being used in the Cloud. Data has to be stored in one way or the other, being it On-Premise or in the Cloud. If Data is stored in the cloud, it has to follow one of these three standards:

    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    You may have probably heard of these terms before but they’ll only become more popular as more businesses move to the Cloud.

    We would look at the various concepts, benefits, and differences surrounding those three cloud technologies.

    Key Differences:

    Difference between SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS

    Not so long ago Companies of IT Systems were required to manage all aspects of Hardware and Software services. Gradually companies of IT systems have been migrating to the cloud.

    1) Iaas:

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IaaS allows businesses to have services that are on-demand rather than buying extra Hardware. IaaS customers can manage and structure their architecture without having to make changes to physical Hardware. These changes are mostly Logical. IaaS is pay-as-you-Go based usually.


    IaaS is delivered over the internet. The service providers give clients the COmputer Infrastructures (Routers, Switches, Hubs, LAN Cables), Storage usually via Virtualization, the client usually receives this via a Dashboard or an API call. This saves the company from maintaining Data Centres and Server Farms. But unlike PaaS or SaaS, the client manages aspects such as the O/S, Data and the Applications that run on these IaaS systems.


    • Variable Cost depending on the usage
    • Maintaining an IT Infrastructure is costly
    • Less Overhead in accessing your platforms and Data, you don’t need an independent Contractor for that.
    • Little Overhead and configuration as many users can access your platform and make corrections.

    When to use IaaS: 

    Let’s say you’re a small company and you’ll like to minimize cost on Servers, and also Application maintenance. With IaaS you can only purchase what you consume. This is evident during the Network peak periods such as Christmas or even the Thanks Giving periods, instead of buying extra Hardware, you can just pay for what you consume during that period.

    Example of IaaS: 

    Some great examples of IaaS:

    Disadvantages of IaaS: 

    • Although the Service providers host these Servers, it’s up to the clients to configure them.
    • Security risks, from insecure passwords created on these platforms.

    2) Paas:

    Platform as a Service (PaaS), they provide cloud services to developers. PaaS provide a framework in which developers can build upon and create customized apps. 


    PaaS is delivered over the web. The developers don’t have to worry about the Servers and the OS, Virtualization technologies running on these Servers.


    • Access to many users (Availability)
    • Scalable
    • No configuration needed to maintain the Hardware resources.

    When to use PaaS:

    Let’s say you have an E-commerce project that involves multiple Developers from all over the World working in different tie zones, with the great Speed and Flexibility of PaaS, you can easily integrate and manage these developers all in one place.

    Example of PaaS:

    Some great examples of PaaS include:

    Disadvantages of PaaS:

    • You would have to confirm the versions of Softwares running on the PaaS platform before you begin programming, as issues may arise from conflicts and Lack of Resources.
    • Limited Capabilities as the platform you develop may tend to surpass the cloud limits provided for your PaaS system.

    3) Saas:

    Software as a Service (SaaS), is the most commonly used cloud computing services by businesses to grow and expand their business. It’s delivered over the internet


    SaaS is delivered over the web. 


    • Zero Installation costs, all you need to do is access your user accounts
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • IT staff can now focus on other pressing things in the Organization such as Sales and Marketing.

    When to use SaaS:

    Startups or companies that want to launch for example an E-Commerce website and they don’t have time to do the configuration and maintenance of Servers and the IT infrastructure. Applications that aren’t needed too often, for example, Tax Softwares like QuickBooks.

    Example of SaaS:

    Some great examples of PaaS include:

    Disadvantages of SaaS:

    • Lack of control over your data, this may happen when the service providers don’t follow government policies.
    • Minimal Customization because you use only what has been programmed. if you want extra functionalities, usually you’ll need to consult the Service providers for them to provide you with this service, this may take a longer time for them to fulfill this service.

    If you need help in maintain or configuring your PaaS, IaaS, website Development,  or need more understanding of the insights of SaaS, feel free to Contact Us.

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    PWA vs Flutter

    PWA vs Flutter

    The current Global Smartphone penetration rate stands at 41.5 %, what’s a whooping 3.3 Billion Smartphones in the World. These Smartphones need Mobile apps in order for them to function correctly. We have major players in the Mobile Smartphone marketplace such as Android and iOS. To build apps on both platforms you’ll need skilled developers on both ecosystems, Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

    Cross-Platform mobile development the new trend today from React to Cordova to Flutter and many others.

    what is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?:

    It was introduced by Google in 2015, a PWA is basically a web app that is better suited to run on Mobile Devices, it leverages features exclusive to native apps such as Geolocation, Push Notifications, and many others, while still retaining features from the web.

    Important Features of PWA:

    • Native App-like Interfaces
    • Can work both Online and Offline (as web files are stored in the device)
    • Auto-updated, app stays afresh
    • Advantage of Browser compatibility as the web apps are built on the principles of Progressive enhancement techniques.
    • PWA only works on secured websites (https).

    Pros of PWA:

    • Cheaper and Easier to build and maintain.
    • Boosts the performance for any web app.
    • Easy to find & Share
    • Cross-platform compatibility (Android & iOS)

    Cons of PWA:

    • Can’t be downloaded from the Mobile App Store (Google Play Store and Apple Store).
    • Can’t support complex native app features such as FingerPrint, NFC.
    • Limited Hardware support, as the websites would depend on the Server it is running.

    what is Flutter?

    An Open-Source Cross-platform Framework created by Google and runs on the Dart programming language. It can be compiled to JAvascript. Flutter creates high-performance mobile Applications for both Android and iOS. To the average user it may look like a PWA but underneath it’s more complex than a PWA.

    Pros of Flutter:

    • Hot reload feature.
    • Easy Learning Curve.
    • Access to complex Native features not found in PWA such as Fingerprint, NFC, and many others.
    • Cross-platform compatibility (Android & iOS)

    Cons of PWA:

    • App-only, it means the user needs to download this app on the app store.
    • You must be a skilled developer to integrate some external libraries not found in the Flutter app space.

     Conclusion (Which is Best):

    It all depends on the needs of the Company or person. If you want a more native feel of your Application with performance in mind, you can go with Flutter. But if you want to target low-End Android Devices with limited performance and complex features in mind you can go for PWA. Flutter is more for Mobile native-focused devs with a smaller budget. If you want to Develop Mobile Applications, Responsive Websites, or want a Professional Agency to handle your Digital Marketing, feel free to contact us.