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10 Ways to Brand your Company in 2020

10 Ways to Brand Your Company in 2020

There are over 1.6 Billion websites, Social Media Accounts out there on the internet today. To stand out of this multitude isn’t such an easy feat. So Businesses need to constantly look for ways to recognized in this crowded environment.

Business Branding is the art of making your business look more attractive to potential clients. It consists of all the familiar visual elements ( Logo, Color combination, font types) on your Website and  Business Materials. We would be talking about 10 Excellent ways you can Brand your Company.

11 Ways to Brand your Business / Company:

1) Get a Catch Phrase: 

An Easy to remember Catch-Phrase would not only make your clients easily identify your brand, but would also help tell the story of your brand. Here are some notable Example of Catch Phrases:

  • Nike –  “Just Do It”
  • Apple – “Think Different”
  • Stairway Management Consultancy – “Stairway To your Success”
  • McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin it”

Need an Attention Loving Catch-Phrase or Slogan? Contact us for more Information.

2) Get easy to Remember URL:

An excellent domain name not only helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it also helps in your branding. Imagine you own a Gym Training Facility in Ras Al Khaimah, and you want to purchase a domain name, you go for some a domain name like, as you can this domain is very user-unfriendly both tp the Search Engine and to the average user.

3) Analyze and Monitor your Stats:

Your Stats show who you are, so you should handle your stats with credibility, Honesty, and Authenticity. The analysis shows the loopholes within your brand. Whenever your website goes down or is facing an issue, do let your customers know about it and how fast you can fix the issue.

4) Make use of Trending Social Media Hashtags:

It’s always good to follow the crowd on positive things that are Trending. Your post might get noticed and also Trend. Whenever we want to make a post on our Social Media page we make sure we include a Hashtag relating to that post. So as to gather more Engagements and  Awareness from users.

5) Take Social Media Seriously:

Your Social Media presence is very important for your Business. Startups can reach a large number of potential clients on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. Companies could easily leverage ads to connect with and also build a community of users around your services. 

6) Stand Out from your Competitors:

You can stand out from the crowd by creating a Professional looking Brand Video. Audiences are more likely to engage with video content. Make short descriptive videos to educate customers on your services. On top of this pay attention to how well you package your product or service. Always give it that professional touch or look. Always make sure you always revolve around your Company’s Brand Book. Always try to be as uniquely distinct from your Competitors.

7) Watermark your Pictures:

You don’t know where on the Internet your Company’s picture would end up. Makes sure you always Watermark your pictures. A user can get to your Brand from your Watermarked picture.

8) Create Fresh Contents on your Website:

The best way to create SEO-targeted content on your websites is via blogging. At Quark, we take Blogging and Content creation very seriously. We create blog posts on a weekly basis to let our users keep up to speed on some of the latest trends and happenings.

9) Listen to Customer Worries:

Always make it a habit of listening to the worries of your clients being it on Social Media, on-call, or business meetings. A bad customer review would go a long way to hurt your Brand. Branding is all about building trust with your customers.

10) Promote your Business:

Use all available avenues to promote your Brand. Promote your business on offline events and conventions, not forgetting various online media such as Google Ads , Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Quora, Instagram. The success of your ads would enable you to have more leads, and this would push your brand’s name into the ears of more persons. Not forgetting Email Marketing Campaign. Creating a professional email design to deliver relevant information about your products or services, it’s going to build a nice and friendly image of your business. Put not only the text but also images of your products or services in your email message.

If you want to Brand your Company Professionally in order to have more Clients and Leads, Don’t forget to Contact Us.

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